DJ The Prince KG
He was born into the 80’s on December 31st 1982. At an early age KG picked up music and began his entrance into the music world with a mini keyboard. His sister marked the keys and taught him the basics of playing and reading music. KG lost interest due to an Uncle leaving his turntables and music at his home for his mother to hold until he paid his debt to society. KG’s other Uncle would come by to listen to records and KG would watch and learn how the turntables worked. Every day at an early age of 6 KG would sneak on the turntables and try to do what his Uncle did. At this age KG understood music. Understood what soul music was and what the purpose of dj’ing was. It was to provide people with music to sooth their soul. It was to satisfy the world through your music. At this time KG would also join in on his older cousins and sisters dance contest held in the basement of his house. He mimicked the moves they did and at the age of 6 a DJ and B-Boy was born. After a few years of having turntables under his parent’s household they decided to give them to a cousin due to relocation to a smaller house hold. At this time KG would continue to try to DJ and scratch on his mother’s record player which developed into broken needles and scratched records. Eventually the record player gave out and technology was now cassettes. Kg had two tape decks and was now 8 years old. He tried to cut music by using the pause and stop button during recording. KG recorded his voice over many songs acting like a radio disc jockey. Tape decks just were not doing what he anticipated and he begged and begged for turntables. KG would cut out turntable package adds from The Source Magazine and show his father from time to time. His father realized this might be good due to the neighborhood gangs KG was starting to surround himself with so he sent a money order to an add placed in The Source selling a DJ package. After 6 weeks the package never arrived so he tracked the money order and got his money back. At this point they traveled 60 miles away to purchase KG’s first turntables. After arriving, they looked and found a turntable that would suit what KG wanted to accomplish. The problem was that the turntable KG needed was too expensive to buy two so KG went home with one turntable – happy and ready to play. KG opened the box and set everything up but could not play because the turntable needed a needle and slip mat. After 2 months went by, KG was able to finally play and at that point a turntablist was born. KG’s first gig was at a sister friends’ house that turned into a college block party. This party lasted longer then 8 hours. KG played cd’s, records and cassettes. After that first night dj’ing KG knew that was what he wanted to do. KG started making mixtapes showcasing his beat juggling abilities and scratching. KG gigged at many house parties, created mix tapes and eventually landed a job djing at a local hip hop shop. His career evolved into promoting his own events, dj’ing at clubs, dj battles, mixtapes, producing beats and artist and today is well respected with in the local music scene. Be on the look out for events, mixtapes and club appearances.